Eagle Amsterdam

Our Story

Eagle is the oldest and most famous dance club, very cruisy and strictly men only. Sited at Warmoestraat 90, in the Castro of Amsterdam, Eagle Amsterdam is the most visited men’s bar in town and the most famous gay venue of Amsterdam.

There was a major renovation in the last 2 years and darkroom, bar area and lounge are were renovated. The Eagle attracts all types of gays. Men love to come to this place because of the fun options it provides. There is no dress code on regular nights. Check out also our favorite Sunday Afternoon parties.

What can you expect?

Eagle Amsterdam is a night club but has on Saturday and Sunday also extra sex parties during daytime. Visit always our calendar for the latest information and events.

What do you need to know!

Below you will find all the information about the venue Eagle Amsterdam and answers to your questions. If not listed here please let us know!

Thursday 23:00-04:00
Friday 23:00-05:00
Saturday 23:00-05:00
Sunday 23:00-04:00
Monday: closed
Tuesday: closed
Wednesday: closed

  • Chill Out lounge
  • Dance floor
  • 3 levels
  • Big Darkroom
  • Cabins
  • Glory Holes
  • beds/benches
  • Free Condoms/Lube at the bar
  • Free Gloves at the bar
We have a guarded coat check for bags and coats. You are able to walk naked. Please always leave you valuable belongings like phones, wallets, watch and other things in the wardrobe. There can be pick pockets present in the club.

Coats: EUR 2
Bags: EUR 3

No use and/or dealing in drugs
No prostitution
Be nice and respectful to others
Upon every entry one drink required

Warmoesstraat 90
1012 JH Amsterdam

We do not have a cover charge at regular opening hours, however we expect that every time when you enter the club you order one drink per person. So before going to the toilet, dance floor or darkroom, please order first your drink.

What you wil get always for free


  • info@cruisingamsterdam.com

What others say

A great venue to spend your time. Because of a very cosy space thanks to the layout with three floors, with the bar centered on door-level, nicely designed. There is even a wall full covered with mirror. The atmosphere is very friendly and relaxed. There is a nice staff too!!!

B. Blaisse


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